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5 Keys to Dominating your Pronunciation Goals


As the new year approaches, it’s a popular time to think about what’s coming next. It’s goal setting time! What are you going to accomplish in 2021?

You may have the goal of improving your English pronunciation. You know I love this goal, but how do we make it achievable?


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How to pronounce OUGH words in English


In this lesson, we’re going to clear up the confusion about how to pronounce this combination of letters: OUGH

The thing is, there’s 6 different ways this combination of letters can be pronounced.

That’s right. Six different ways you can pronounce this exact same sequence of...

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How to say English articles A and AN


In this quick tip lesson we'll clear up any and all confusion about the pronunciation of the English articles A and AN.

Click here to learn how to pronounce the article THE.

Practice phrases and sentences used in this lesson: 

The article "a" is pronounced  “uh” /ǝ/:

What a...

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How to improve your accent in English


***Wanna work with me?***

My one-of-a-kind pronunciation training program is enrolling for a very limited time right now! Learn more here:

In this lesson we’re talking about the #1 way to improve your English pronunciation and the...

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Do you need to get rid of you accent?


How do I get rid of my accent?

How can I sound like a native speaker?

I get these questions a LOT from my students. And my answer may not be what you'd expect.

In this lesson, I'll share my response to "how do I get rid of my accent" and help you get specific about your speaking goals.

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The Best Way to Learn American English Vowel Sounds


English vowel sounds are TRICKY. There are a lot of them and many sound very similar.

In this lesson, I’ll share the tool I use with all of my students to train the American English vowel sounds and we’ll practice using it together.

Click here to practice with the interactive Color...

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How to Pronounce 20 Common Political Words in English


2020 has been quite a year so far, to say the least. And it’s going to continue to be interesting.

In the US, there are a lot of discussions happening centered around politics and political issues. We're also just a few months away from a presidential election.

So, I thought now would be...

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Confusing English Homonyms: Do these words really sound the same? 🤔❓


Homonyms in English can be confusing. 

Homonyms are words sound the same, even though they are spelled differently and have completely different meanings.

To make things even more confusing, several of the very common homonyms you may have learned about are actually FALSE HOMONYMS!


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How to Pronounce the -ED Ending: Must Know Tips


The regular past tense ending, the -ED, can be difficult to pronounce. There are actually 3 different ways to say it! In this lesson, you’ll learn the rules for how to pronounce this ending and 2 key tips to make it much easier to say.

Practice words and sentences used in this lesson: ...

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How to Practice English Speaking at Home By Yourself


Is it possible to practice speaking English at home, alone, without a partner?

Absolutely! In the lesson, you’ll learn 6 specific ways you can improve your English speaking skills all by yourself!


So let’s dive in!

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