Coming soon- The Clear English Academy

Your accent says a lot about you - is yours representing you well or holding you back?

Imagine feeling truly comfortable and confident whenever you're speaking English!

With this immersive experience, you'll follow my step-by-step, proven framework for gaining clarity and confidence in your spoken English while being fully supported by a community of like-minded learners and passionate Clear English coaches.

Enrollment for the academy will open in March 2022.

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"This program totally helped me get results. It has been wonderful, amazing, rewarding and fulfilling- it has exceeded my expectations. :)  I´ve learned so much that I only regret not finding it sooner. It´s been an absolute pleasure. I definitely recommend this program if you want to improve your confidence and English pronunciation. It was a life changing experience for me."

SANDRA, Spanish 

By the end of this program

you will:

  • Discover the fundamentals of English rhythm and intonation and how to apply these patterns for significantly clearer, more engaging and more natural sounding spoken English.
  • Be able to distinctly hear and pronounce all the trickiest vowel sounds of American English. 
  • Be able to distinctly hear and pronounce the most challenging American English consonants.
  • Be able to better understand and more easily converse with native speakers.
  • Gain and apply strategies to engage your listeners for more memorable and persuasive conversations and presentations. 
  • Develop an arsenal of easily accessible tools you can use to further develop your speaking skills well beyond the Clear English Academy.
  • Sound noticeably more natural in your spoken English causing all of your friends to exclaim “OMG your English sounds amazing!!!”


This is exactly what you've been looking for, my friend!

You will not want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind training experience.

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"This program absolutely helped me accomplish my goals! 100%!! My accent was massively transformed in two months. I now LOVE playing with my voice! :) I developed strong listening ears and pay attention to every aspect of the American accent in daily conversations. I’ve become confident in my spoken English especially and I gained the skills to correct my pronunciation errors."

GRACE, Mandarin 

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Here's 4 key reasons this program is just what you need:

A step-by-step roadmap to success means you never have to question "What's next?"

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Multiple opportunities for direct feedback and support from me means you don't have to wonder "Am I getting this right?"


TRAINING vs. learning means you're taking ACTION and achieving real, noticeable results

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A focus on the elements that matter MOST means no wasting time and REAL, OBSERVABLE PROGRESS for you

The Clear English Academy is a perfect fit for you if...

You've been speaking English for years, maybe even all your life. Your vocabulary is expansive and you understand the ins and outs of English grammar. You are a super smart, exceptionally driven and supremely motivated with loads of unique insights, ideas and innovations to share with the world.

Yet sometimes, in certain situations with some audiences, you worry that your native accent is interfering with the clarity and impact of your message. You may feel reluctant to communicate or frustrated when continually asked to repeat yourself.
You need step-by-step guidance and support to help you speak English with clarity and confidence. You're ready to leave behind the fear that the way you speak is holding you back from achieving your goals for growth and success.  You're ready to take action and learn exactly what you need to do to go from feeling cautious to converse to being a confident, compelling communicator.

Does this sound like you, my friend?

If so, you're the perfect fit for this one-of-a-kind training experience.

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"Thanks to this program, my ears are much better tuned to listening and noticing the intricacies of the American English sounds and pitch and to my own pronunciation. I can speak with a much more natural pitch, and I enjoy it. I'm confident about the sounds I used to consider tricky.  I love this program- it's affordable, doable, entertaining and effective. I feel so much more confident when I speak now!"

NATALIE, Russian

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