Cautious to Confident

A ten-week, step-by-step, guided training program to gain more powerful and polished English pronunciation.



You've been speaking English for years, maybe even all your life. Your vocabulary is expansive and you understand the ins and outs of English grammar. You are a super smart, highly driven and motivated woman with loads of unique insights, ideas and innovations to share with the world.

Yet sometimes, in certain situations with some audiences, you worry that your native accent is interfering with the clarity and impact of your message. You may feel reluctant to communicate or frustrated when continually asked to repeat yourself.

You need guidance and support to help you speak English with clarity and confidence. You're ready to leave behind the fear that the way you speak is holding you back from achieving your goals for growth and success.  You're ready to take action and learn exactly what you need to do to go from feeling cautious to converse to being a confident, compelling communicator.

Does this sound like you, my friend?

If so, you're a perfect fit for this one-of-a-kind training experience.


My passion is helping women like you learn to speak with greater clarity, naturalness and impact. 

Anxiety about the way you sound speaking English should never hold you back from sharing your marvelous gifts with the world!

You'll love my guided, step-by-step approach with multiple opportunities for in-depth, personal feedback.

I've made it my mission to determine the most  essential elements to making real change in your pronunciation and to develop the most straightforward way to teach them. 

It's time to make real progress. We're in this together. Let's do this!!

By focusing your attention on the things that make the most noticeable impact and progressing through a hierarchy of training stages, you gain the confidence of knowing you are in control of how you speak.


Here's what my students say about learning and training with me:

"I absolutely loved this course! I truly felt as if I was having one-on-one sessions with Keenyn. She is an amazing coach who knows how to teach effectively, motivate, and most importantly make you do the work. Her teaching style, positive attitude and genuine interest in our success helped me to stay on track and achieve noticeable results." 

LORA, Russian

My only regret is that I had not known about this course at least five years ago. After the course my phone conversations with native speakers are the best experiences in my communications. My confidence has extremely increased , I don’t have to repeat words or sentences. All in all , I would say that I don’t recognize myself. Maybe Coach Keenyn would explain the magic behind all this. I would recommend signing up for this course without a shadow of a doubt !!!!!

ROBERTA, Spanish

"If you are only browsing, there are better ways to entertain yourself. But if you genuinely want to improve your American English pronunciation, I assure you, this course will exceed your expectation."

GRACE, Mandarin

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