Private Coaching for Faster Results

With the Elite Private Coaching Package, you receive 12 private training sessions, a full initial pronunciation assessment and in-depth customized feedback for a whole new level of improvement.

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Personalized Support for Faster Results

With the Elite Private Coaching Package, you receive 12 private training sessions, a full initial pronunciation assessment and in-depth customized feedback for a whole new level of improvement.

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ELITE Clear English Clients Receive...

A comprehensive initial assessment

This personalized assessment examines your articulation, prosody and voice for a clear picture of where to focus for the most significant improvements.

1/1 private training sessions with Keenyn

12 private sessions integrate accountability, immediate feedback and personalized practice which means quicker, more dramatic results for you.

Personalized feedback on practice assignments

In depth personalized feedback on 12 practice assignments helps you track your progress and focus on primary improvement areas.


In addition, Clear English ELITE clients receive all the benefits of a Clear English Academy membership including: 

1) Access to the 12 module Clear English Academy training curriculum

This comprehensive, 4-phase training curriculum includes everything you need to develop clear, natural and impactful spoken English. 

Each video session is 15 minutes or less and mirrors a 1/1 training session with me. You'll be guided through exercises in listening, imitating and generating spoken English as well as self-assessment activities to get you observing and tracking your progress right away.

2) Downloadable audio files and PDF practice guides for each session

It's easy to stay on track with your sessions with multiple ways to engage through video, audio and PDF practice materials.

3) "Questions for the Coach" feature inside every lesson

You're not alone in this endeavor! Inside every lesson you'll find the "Questions for the Coach" feature for all your burning pronunciation inquiries. I respond directly to these questions each weekday.

BONUS: Weekly speaking challenges

Designed to get you "thinking like an actor," these fun, engaging challenges give you weekly opportunities for next level practice AND the opportunity to win feedback from your Clear English Coach.

BONUS: Level Up Your Practice mini-course

Inside this mini-course, you'll discover 3 different readily available, easily accessible resources to keep rockin’ your progress and refining your pronunciation beyond The Clear English Academy core curriculum.

This bonus course helps you pull it all together and LEVEL-UP your pronunciation prowess!

PREMIUM student bonus: LIVE Office Hours with Keenyn

Six opportunities each month to attend Office Hours session to ask questions and practice LIVE with Coach Keenyn (please click here to see the PREMIUM practice sessions schedule).  

Only 20 PREMIUM spots are offered in The Academy in order to keep Office hours small and limited to only a few members in each session. This allows us the time and space to answer all questions and practice together. 

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ELITE clients receive access to the proven, 4 phase Clear English Academy Curriculum:

Here's what The Clear English Academy has meant to others...


native Spanish speaker

The best part is everybody understands me when I speak and the anxiety that I felt when speaking English is gone.


native Mandarin speaker

I can speak more confidently in my daily work. It is a turning point in both my life and my career.


native Russian Speaker

This is not just one more online pronunciation program. It's a turning point to a new level of English comprehension and interaction.


native Malayalam speaker

I can honestly say there is much difference after completing this training. Don't miss this program. It will transform you.

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ELITE Client Pricing

$1997 single payment

or 3 monthly payments of $750

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I know how crucial clear and effective communication is to personal and professional success.

I've seen the "a-ha" moments, heard the massive progress and yes, seen tears of joy in the eyes of my clients whose lives have been changed by participating in this training.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, and fully embrace the work ahead, I know this experience will completely change your relationship with English.

I look forward to getting to know you personally and helping you reach your communication goals...

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Are you ready to transform your spoken English?

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