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You CAN feel confident and comfortable in English

I can show you how...

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You CAN feel confident and comfortable in English

I can show you how...

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Clear English training gets RESULTS by integrating the 3 pillars of clear, compelling speech:


Vowels & Consonants


Rhythm & Intonation


Emphasis & Emotion

Do you feel like your accent is preventing you from reaching your full potential?

You dream of feeling as smart and witty in English as you do in your first language.

You want to feel confident expressing your ideas and opinions.

You want to use English to connect- to expand professional opportunities, to develop friendships and feel like part of the conversation.

But you feel hesitant to speak out for fear you won't be understood, or worse, for fear you'll be judged..

It doesn't have to be this way

With CLEAR ENGLISH training you will:

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Hi, I'm Keenyn...


I help passionate, driven professionals just like you speak English with greater clarity, confidence and impact.

Worry over the way you sound speaking English should never hold you back from sharing all your awesomeness with the world!

I've made it my mission to determine the most essential elements to making real change in your pronunciation and to develop the most simple, straightforward way to teach them.

I've helped hundreds of learners go from feeling hesitant and insecure in spoken English to feeling courageous and empowered to share their voice with the world. 

I'd love to work with you!

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Hear what people are saying...

"I can speak more confidently in my daily work. It is a turning point in both my life and my career."

Jing, native Mandarin speaker

"The best part is everybody understands me when I speak and the anxiety that I felt when speaking English is gone."


Patty, native Spanish speaker

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As a non-native speaker, conversations in English can be awkward.

Sometimes they’re downright painful!

People are constantly asking you to repeat yourself.
Sometimes they even treat you like you’re not all that smart.

You’re an intelligent human! You’re fluent in (at least) TWO languages! But you feel stuck when it comes to speaking English clearly.

The good news? There IS a simple solution to this problem. Clear English training will open your ears to the sounds and rhythm patterns of English. You'll hear and speak English in a completely different way!

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