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Practice Linking Words and American T using 10 Common Phrasal Verbs with "Get"


In this American accent lesson, you will get loads of practice with linking words and using American T while learning 10 common phrasal verbs with "get."

Key takeaways:

1) With all phrasal verbs, you want to stress or emphasize the second word.

2) The stress pattern is important because shifting your stress to the first word can change meaning when the phrase becomes a noun phrase (e.g getaway/vacation vs get away/to leave, pickup/truck vs. pick up/to lift).

3) Phrasal verbs are extremely common in English. There is usually a fancier, more formal synonym but native speakers use the phrasal verb almost every time.

Phrasal verbs and sentences used in this lesson:

1) Get away: to leave or escape a busy/stressful situation

I need to get away from the office.

We're going to get away for the weekend.

2) Get over: to recover from something or to continue on after a difficult situation

It was really hard to get over that breakup.

I just got over a cold.

You really need to get over it. 

3) Get in: to enter or arrive

We can't get in without a key.

They both got in to St. Louis around 8 o'clock.

4) Get through: to finish or complete something that is difficult/challenging

I can't seem to get through this book.

I just need to get through this week.

5) Get up: to get out of bed

get up at 6 am.

I like to get up early.

6) Get together: to meet

When can you get together?

Let's get together next week.

7) Get ahead: to be successful

She works really hard to get ahead.

You have to take risks if you want to get ahead.

8. Get out: to leave; to become public

You better get out.

We need to get out of the house.

What time do you get out of class?

Oh, we don't want that to get out.

9. Get on: to board something; to make progress or proceed with; to scold or reprimand

Can we get on with the meeting?

I already got on to you about that! Cut it out!

10. Get down: climb down; to feel sad

Hey- get down from there!

Don't get down about it.

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