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30 Ways to Say Thank You and Show Gratitude


I started a new thing a few years ago that has changed my life.

I take a few minutes each day to write 3-5 things I am grateful for.

Sometimes these things are deep, like... I am grateful for the health of my children and  I appreciate support and encouragement I consistently receive from my husband.

Other times it's simple stuff like Thank goodness for my Crock-Pot or I'm so thankful I discovered Frixion erasable pens in all the colors of the rainbow!  (Ah! These make me so happy!)

The simple habit of practicing conscious gratitude and appreciation is a game changer. It moves your mindset from a place of lack to a place of abundance

One thing I am eternally grateful for is the wealth of incredible people in my life. 

My friends, my family, my colleagues, my incredible students...

There are often times when we want to express gratitude to the people in our lives, but need more than the simple words "thank you."

With the holiday season officially kicking off, I thought it was a great time to share a few ways to express your appreciation and gratitude to these special people.

By the end of this lesson, you will have multiple ways you can communicate your appreciation, not only throughout the holidays, but every day.

Let's dive in! 

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