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How to Pronounce Words that Start with "C-O-N"


It’s a CONfusing CONcept. Both these words start with C-O-N, yet the beginning of these words sound different. What gives?

It's all about STRESS my friend!

No, not the kind of stress you have when a giant deadline is looming, or when your to-do list is multiplying like bunnies in the spring, or, for the love, when you need to choose a paint color for the living room.

No, we're talking about word stress, or which syllable is emphasized most within a word.

Because if you've been following me for a bit, you know that in any English word with more than one syllable, there is always a syllable that is emphasized, or stressed, more than the others.

The stress not only changes the sound of a word, but it can also change the meaning! Ahh! 🤪

Ready to solve the mystery about words that start with C-O-N?

Let's dive in!

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