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Be More Confident in English: Goal Setting


I am easily overwhelmed. 

I have always been this way. I can remember, growing up, when big projects would be looming for school, I would make myself almost sick with thoughts and feelings of “I have to get this done” and “how am I going to get this done?”

The result of these feelings of overwhelm, for me, is inaction.

Finally in college, I discovered a way to manage these feelings. I would break everything into small steps. 

I hung a whiteboard on my closet door in the basement room I had in college. I shared a house with 5 women who became amazing friends. We had some incredible adventures, but those are stories for another time. :)

On the whiteboard, I would write the large assignment looming in my brain, then write out the next small steps I needed to take to move toward getting it done.

The small steps seemed so much more manageable and doable.

I remember feeling the physical loosening of tightness in my chest when I could see in front of me the small steps.

This strategy has helped me immensely and repeatedly in my life.

Even with little things. Like when the house has gotten to disaster state. I outline the steps in my head that we need to take to get things back in order.

I use this strategy all the time for work.

I frequently feel daunted by the task of creating new content or a new product. 

There have been countless times where this overwhelm (plus analysis paralysis) have stopped me in my tracks and kept me from moving forward for way too long.

When I break it down into small steps though, I find my momentum, every single time.

This strategy is helpful in all walks of life, and in this latest lesson, I talk about applying it to improving your English pronunciation.

You’ll find this lesson super helpful in setting yourself up for success if improving your vocal presence in English is a goal for you in 2023.

Let’s dive in! 

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