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Why you Should Study & Practice Pronunciation


It's a mistake to think that learning and practicing pronunciation is less important than developing your vocabulary and grammar.

In fact, I'd argue that it's more important.

I know, I know. I'm a pronunciation nerd. 🤓 It's my thing so of course I think it's important, right?

Humor me, for a moment, and let's consider a few reasons why it's not just important, but essential.

Starting first with this:

Pronunciation is a foundational skill of spoken English that is often omitted from the language learning curriculum.

As a result, you may have been mispronouncing things for years and never even know it! 🙃

When you study and practice pronunciation intentionally, it changes the way you hear yourself, and others, in English.

And that's just the beginning. I'm sharing 6 more reasons learning pronunciation is essential in this latest Clear English lesson.

I think the final reason is the most compelling. What do you think?

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