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Practice English Speaking | Fall Vocabulary


Fall is finally here! My favorite season. 🍁🎃🦃☕️

Even though it's still hot as hades here in Saint Charles, Missouri, USA, I am full on ready for all things fall! Bring on the colors, the scents, the Halloween spooks and the holiday prep. I love this time of year!

In this lesson, we will integrate fall vocabulary into practicing with the Color Vowel® chart. You can use imitation in 2 ways to maximize your practice with the lesson:

  • Word level: Practice North American vowel sounds and syllable stress with specific fall vocabulary- refining your vowels is the #1 way to sound more clear and natural in spoken English.
  • Sentence level: Imitate the phrases and sentences I use, focusing on matching the rhythm and intonation.

In the lesson, I talk about my favorite app for pronunciation practice, Blue Canoe. This app integrates the Color Vowel®  approach. I use Color Vowel inside the Clear English Academy and it is life changing for my students!

My friends at Blue Canoe have extended a special offer to Clear English viewers- 20% off Blue Canoe Premium! I'm so excited to share this with you!

Click here to learn how to get your discount. 

Let's dive in! 


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