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English Pronunciation Tip: The Vanishing T

Here's an English pronunciation tip to make things a bit easier! 👏👏👏 In this lesson you'll learn about the Vanishing T- where the T sound disappears completely. I promise, knowing this tip will make English pronunciation easier!

Ket Takeaways:

1) When the /t/ sound comes between 2 consonants at the end of a word or between words it will often disappear.

2) Be careful to listen for sounds, not look at letters, when practicing this pattern.

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Practice words and sentences used in this lesson:


You don’t know all the facts

Let’s take a look at the facts.


Our product’s the perfect solution.


You have many gifts.

Put the gifts on the table, please.


This protects your skin in the sun.

It protects against water damage.


We already made three attempts.

He attempts his best every time.


I just said that.

He’s just jealous.

I guess I’m just lucky.


This is the best place.

Are you sure that’s the best choice?

May the best man win.


That must be really hard.

It must not be that important.


That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

She’s the most qualified candidate.

This is the most common.


We almost made it.

I’m almost done.

I almost forgot.


I suggest we try something different.

She’d never suggest that.


You won't believe what happened last night.

This is your last chance.

It’s the last day to register.

Wants, students, points

She wants to give the students bonus points. 

Just (again 😊)

I just need a minute.

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