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Descriptive English Words to Sound More Fluent and Engaging

There's a delicate balance between integrating variety into your vocabulary and using words that are "too fancy" and rarely used by native speakers in casual conversation.

In this lesson you’ll learn 20 advanced English words (interesting adjectives that native speakers REALLY use) to sound more fluent and engaging.

We will also focus on refining your English rhythm by incorporating common contractions as we practice these new words in sentences.

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Practice words and sentences used in this lesson:

1) Very excited: thrilled, delighted

I’m delighted to be here.

She’s thrilled with her new place.


2) Very sad: heart-broken

We’re heartbroken about it.


3) Very lucky: fortunate

I’m fortunate to be part of such a forward thinking organization.


4) Very thankful: grateful

We’re grateful for the opportunity.


5) Very good: exceptional, phenomenal

It was an exceptional performance. 

We had phenomenal seats.


6) Very bad: horrible, awful

This tastes awful.

He’s a horrible cook.


7) Very dirty: filthy

This place is filthy.


8) Very clean: spotless

Her apartment is always spotless.


9) Very funny: hilarious

You’re hilarious!


10) Very pretty: gorgeous

That’s a gorgeous dress!


11) Very ugly: hideous

Those are hideous curtains.


12)  Very interesting:, intriguing, compelling

It’s an intriguing article.

That’s a compelling argument.


13) Very big: massive, tremendous

They’ve built  a massive house out in the country.

We’ve had tremendous success with this.


14) Very small: tiny

It’s a tiny change that makes a massive impact.


15) Very hot: stifling

It’s stifling in here. (can’t use it to describe a person)


16) Very cold: freezing

I’d rather it be freezing than stifling.


17) Very mad: furious, livid

He’s furious about it.

I’m livid.


18) Very busy: slammed

We’re slammed this week at work.


19)  Veryimportant: critical, crucial

It’s crucial that you understand this.

It’s a critical concept.


20) Very tired: completely exhausted, totally worn out

I’m completely exhausted.

He’s totally worn out.

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