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Year vs. Ear: American English Pronunciation Tip

"I've been working here for seven ears."

"We moved here three ears ago."

For a lot of my students, making "years" and "ears" sound like 2 different words is seriously tricky.

And we talk about years a lot, right? In sharing big life events, anniversaries, ages and when talking about how fast time goes by ("I can't believe it's been 10 years!").

So, we've gotta get this word down. Today.

With this one simple tip you'll be able to master the pronunciation of "year" in minutes then we'll practice this tricky word together in phrases and sentences.

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Practice Words and Sentences used in this lesson:

every year

We go every year.


10 years

It’s been 10 years.


years ago

That was years ago.


a few years

Give it a few years.


a good year

It’s been a good year.


for years

I’ve had this for years.


next year

We’ll try again next year.

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