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How to Pronounce the TH sound after S and Z

"How’s the..."

"What’s that..."

"Is this..."

"With someone..."

"Earth’s atmosphere..."

The transition from the /s/ or /z/ to the TH sound can be tricky and a lot of you have written and asked for help with these combinations.

In this lesson I’ll share the 3 key things to remember to master moving smoothly from /s/ to TH.

Phrases and sentences used in this lesson:

Was that...

Does this...

Moving from S or Z into TH:

What’s the

What’s the quickest way?

How’s this

How’s this supposed to work?

Does this

Does this make sense to you?

Is that

Is that your final answer?

Was the

How was the movie?

He’s the

He’s the tallest kid in his class.

It’s the

It’s the right thing to do.

Moving from TH into S:

With some

I think she’s with someone.

Both seem

They both seem really nice.


Earth’s atmosphere has several layers.

South side

They live on the south side of town.

Fourth seat

You're in the fourth seat from the left.

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