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Sound Warm and Natural with these American English Greetings

Hey! How are ya?

Hi! How’s it goin?

Hey there! How ya been?

These are all examples of common greetings in American English. Greetings are typically the first words we speak when we see someone and they set the tone for our interactions. It's not just WHAT you say when you greet someone, but HOW you say it that's crucial!

In this lesson we’ll practice common greetings in English- moving beyond just the words themselves to examine exactly how to say these phrases so that you sound more warm and natural when speaking them.

Sound good?

Alright- let’s dive in!

Common greeting words: 

Hello- "Hello" is not commonly used in casual, everyday greetings. You'll hear it used more often when answering the phone or greeting an audience/group in a presentation.

Hi and Hey- These are more common greeting words with “hey” being by far the most common word used in everyday greetings.


Common greeting questions:

How are ya? 

How’s it goin'? 

How ya been? 

How ya doin'? 

What’s up? 

What’s new? 

What’s goin’ on? 

What’s happnin’? 


Common greeting responses:

When you're doing well:

Good/I'm good.


Pretty Good.

Doin' well.


When you're doing so-so:

Can't complain.

I'm alright.

I'm ok.

Not (too) bad.

I'm hangin in there.


When things are not so great:

I've been better.

Not so great.

(I suggest you only reply this way to those that really care. If you respond with "I've been better" or "not so great," be prepared to talk about what’s bothering you!


When asked about how things are in your world (e.g. "What's up?" or "What's new with you?"):

Not much.

Not a lot.

The usual.

Keepin' busy.

Some exciting stuff!


Putting it all together:

Hey! How’s it going?

Not bad, how ‘bout you?

Pretty good.


Hey! How are ya?

Doin’ well, 'n you?

I’m hangin' in there.


Hey! How ya doin?

I’m ok. How 'bout you?

Doin' good. 


Hey! How ya been?

Good. 'N you?

Can’t complain.


What’s up?

Not much.


What’s new?

Not a lot.


What’s happening?

The usual.


What’s goin on?

Some exciting stuff!

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