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How to Pronounce the -ED Ending: Must Know Tips


The regular past tense ending, the -ED, can be difficult to pronounce. There are actually 3 different ways to say it! In this lesson, you’ll learn the rules for how to pronounce this ending and 2 key tips to make it much easier to say.

Practice words and sentences used in this lesson: 

1) When the last letter of a word is D or T that -ED ending will sound like -ID "ihd."








Linking practice:

1) Needed a (neediii-da)

They needed a break.

2) Lasted about (lastiii-dabout)

It lasted about an hour.

3) Decided on (decidiii-don)

We finally decided on dinner.


2) When a word ends in a voiced sound, the -ED ending will sound like /d/






And vowels (since all vowel sounds are voiced):




Linking practice:

1) Cleaned out (clean-dout)

I’ve cleaned out all the closets.

2) Warmed up (warm-dup)

It really warmed up this week.

3) Called about (call-dabout)

He called about an hour ago.


3)  When a word ends in a voiceless consonant sound (no vibration) the -ED ending will sound like /t/








Linking practice:

1) Talked about (talk-tabout)

We talked about everything.

2) Worked out (work-tout)

I’m so glad it all worked out.

3) Looked at (look-tat)

Have you looked at the final numbers?


BONUS: Practice linking the -ED ending to the super common word "it."

-ED sounds like /id/ "ihd"

 1) hated it (hatiii-dit)

They hated it.

2) admitted it (admittiii-dit)

He finally admitted it.

3) wanted it (wantiii-dit)

I wanted it to work out.


-ED sounds like T /t/

1) hoped it (hope-tit)

I hoped it would be better.

2) missed it (miss-tit)

I can’t believe we missed it.

3) liked it (like-tit)

I really liked it.

4) watched it (watch-tit)

I haven’t watched it.


-ED sounds like D /d/

1) changed it (change-dit)

They changed it.

2) used it (use-dit)

I’ve never used it.

3) earned it (earn-dit)

You’ve earned it.

4) emailed it (email-dit)

I just emailed it.


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