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How to Pronounce 20 Common Political Words in English


2020 has been quite a year so far, to say the least. And it’s going to continue to be interesting.

In the US, there are a lot of discussions happening centered around politics and political issues. We're also just a few months away from a presidential election.

So, I thought now would be an excellent time to talk about the pronunciation of 20 super common political words.

Practice Words and Sentences used in this lesson:

1) candidate



Which candidate is your favorite?

I’ve heard he’s a potential candidate for president.


2) president


She’s decided to run for president.

The president will address the nation this evening.




There’s a presidential election this November.

He’s a strong presidential candidate. 


3) governor


Who’s the governor of Texas?

He received a pardon from the governor.


4) mayor- rhymes with fair, care, 


The city has a new mayor.

Many people disagree with the mayor’s decision.


5) election


What are the final election results?

Local elections will take place in May.

6) vote


Don't forget to vote.




Are you a registered voter?

This is something every eligible voter needs to be aware of.


7) campaign- 


The protests are part of a campaign against discrimination.

Campaign funding has become a significant issue.


8) congress


Congress has rejected the president's proposal.

She served two terms in Congress.


9) senator


The majority of senators opposed it.

Each state has 2 senators.


10) representativeT


Who’s the representative from your district?

The US Congress includes the Senate and the House of Representatives.


11) debate


The issue has caused considerable debate.

Congress debated for hours with no resolution.


12) national


The event made the national news

She’s too young to vote in the national election.


13) international- vanishing T


The government has signed an international agreement.

The election has gained international attention.


14) democrat


He’s a democrat. 


democratic- flap T


She’s a strong candidate for the democratic party.

What is the true definition of a democratic government?


15) republican


Who is the candidate for the republican party?

He’s always voted republican.


16) conservative- flap T


Her views are distinctly conservative.

Do you consider yourself more conservative or liberal?


17) liberal


His political leanings are more liberal.

The issue is more than liberal vs. conservative.


18) moderate


She’s well known for her moderate opinions.

He’s more moderate than most of his peers.


19) extremist


That’s a well known extremist group.

His views are considered extremist.


20) colonel 


He retired as a colonel in the US Army.

The Colonel had a kernel stuck in his teeth.

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