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Idioms and Phrases about LOVE ❤️❤️❤️


It’s February- the month of love right? With Valentine's day on the 14th, you may have romance on your mind, so I thought this would be a fun time to learn and practice some idioms and phrases about LOVE!

Let's dive in! 

Practice phrases and sentences used in this lesson:

1. My one and only: your one lifelong love

I’ve finally found my one and only.
Darling, you’re my one and only!

2. Falling head over heels: to experience sudden, deep, absolute love or someone

He’s fallen head over heels for her.
I’m totally head over heels about him!

3. To be smitten: to think about all the time, be obsessed with

He’s completely smitten with this new girlfriend.

4. Take my breath away: to be so in love or taken with someone it’s hard to breathe

Seeing you in that dress takes my breath away!

5. To be “lovey-dovey”: making excessive display of affection in front of other people

Kids don’t usually like it when their parents are all lovey dovey.
Why do you two have to be so lovey-dovey all the time?

6. Puppy love: temporary infatuation between young people

Don’t worry, it’s just puppy love.

7. A match made in heaven: a relationship certain to succeed

Those two are a match made in heaven!

8. The apple of my eye: a warm love like parent or grandparent to a child

Her granddaughter is the apple of her eye.

9. Better half, other half: your life partner or spouse

Let me introduce you to my better half.

10. To have a "crush" on someone: to be really attracted to a person, without really knowing them deeply, a lot of times this term is used with kids and young people

I have a crush on Billy.
In middle school and high school I had a crush on someone different every week.

11. Go out with: to be in a relationship with someone

How long have you two been going out?
We’ve been going out for a year and I still haven’t met his family.

12. To dump or be dumped: To end or discard a relationship carelessly or without much feeling

I got dumped.
I remember the first time I got dumped. It was at the school fair. So cruel. I remember crying to my mom about it.

13. Pop the question: to ask to marry

Are you going to pop the question?

14. Tie the knot: to get married

We’re going to tie the knot in September.
When are you going to finally settle down and tie the knot?

15. On the rocks: a phrase used to describe a relationship experiencing problems

We’re kind of on the rocks right now. Things are a bit rocky.

16. Break up/split up: to end a relationship, usually with more a bit more regard and consideration for the other person than dumping

We broke up on Friday.
We’ve decided to split up.

17. Blind date: when you go out with someone you’ve never actually seen or met before
I actually had a few fun blind dates back in the day, but none of them amounted to anything.

18. Double date: 2 couples go out together

How about a double date next Friday?

19. Kiss and make up: to make peace after an argument

Can’t we just kiss and make up?

20. Hit it off: to immediately get along with someone

We hit it off right away.
We didn’t exactly hit it off.

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