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Can I get rid of my accent?


I’m often asked, “Can I get rid of my accent?” 

Here’s an interesting fact: Research shows speakers who demonstrate a “slight accent” are perceived as equally credible and trustworthy as those with a more “standard accent.” 

You can have a noticeable accent and be 100% intelligible and impactful in English. It’s when pronunciation affects your ability to be understood that we run into a problem.

I have noticed, consistently, that my students who have the goal of "speaking like a native" or completely "getting rid" of their accent are significantly more stressed about English.

These students have a difficult time observing and celebrating their progress and strengths. These students are significantly more likely to give up.

On the other hand, my students who strive to understand the sounds and rhythms of English, who aim develop their English speaking voice to become clear and compelling speakers (even with an accent), THESE students are often unstoppable!

So why do we feel a need to get rid of our accent? The goal should be to work on pronunciation so that we can become a compelling and clear English speaker.

In this lesson, we'll talk more about why you have an accent (spoiler- we ALL have an accent!) and answer the ultimate question "Can I get rid of my accent?"

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