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Natural English Rhythm: Abbreviations, Numbers, Names

The key to more natural English rhythm is understanding what is emphasized and what falls into the background. In this lesson, I'll share 7 tips to help you sound more natural in your daily conversations when using abbreviations as well as sharing numbers and names. Be sure to grab the FREE practice materials that accompany this lesson, with audio for listening and imitation practice! 

Not familiar with some of the abbreviations in this lesson? Let me break these down:

IT: Information Technology

HR: Human Resources

ATM: Automatic Teller Machine

USA: United States of America

ASAP: As Soon as Possible

FYI: For Your Information

MBA: Master of Business Administration

PhD: Doctor of Philosophy

IQ: Intelligence Quotient

LA: Los Angeles

TV: Television

FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation

CIA: Central Intelligence Agency

CNN: Cable News Network

Key Takeaways:

1) Certain combinations of letters and numbers (abbreviations, dates, phone numbers, addresses) follow distinct patterns for emphasis. Typically, your emphasis will fall on the last letter or number in a grouping.

2) When introducing yourself or someone else, your primary emphasis will fall on the last name. Be sure to identify the core stressed vowel sound within a name and give it a stretch.

3) Understanding these stress/emphasis patterns will greatly increase your clarity and naturalness in spoken English.

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