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English Words you Might Mispronounce: American English Pronunciation

In this English pronunciation lesson, we’re going to talk about 9 common English words that are often mispronounced. Knowing how these words are pronounced in American English will definitely help you sound more natural. You will learn the common pronunciation for each word and we will practice them together in sentences.

Practice words and sentences used in this lesson:


We developed a new solution.

I work in software development.

Let’s see how things develop.

She’s on the product development team.

We’re developing a more streamlined process.


The launch was a huge success.

Here’s to your success!

Success is born from consistency.

His new book was an overnight success.

She’s a successful business owner.


It takes a considerable amount of effort.

We spent a considerable amount of money.

The rent increased considerably.

This one is considerably larger.

It’s a considerable difference.


It’s difficult to determine.

I’m determined to make this work.

We’re still trying to determine what happened.

He’s extremely determined.

We weren’t able to determine the source of the problem.


It’s my favorite dress.

What’s you all time favorite book?

It’s our favorite place to visit.

Who’s your favorite?

He’s one of my favorite actors.


That’s extraordinary.

They took extraordinary measures to make this happen.

He’s an extraordinary teacher.

These are extraordinary circumstances.

She has extraordinary talent.


We were actually there.

Did that actually happen?

Has anyone actually tried this?

He’s actually a very funny guy.

It was actually really interesting. 


Please make yourself comfortable.

I’m not comfortable with that.

It was really uncomfortable.

It’s the most comfortable chair in the house.

He’s never been comfortable with change.


It’s an incredible opportunity.

I’d like to thank you for this opportunity.

We never had the opportunity to discuss it.

It’s a limited time opportunity.

Opportunities knocking, you just need to listen.

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