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Practice Super Common English Reductions: GONNA and WANNA

Native English speakers often don't say words the way they're written.

A lot of times we combine common word pairs, reducing them to a totally new form that sounds different than what you would expect looking at the written words.

Two of the most common word pair reductions are GONNA and WANNA. These reductions are used all the time in all sorts of speaking situations!

In this lesson you'll learn all about GONNA and WANNA. You'll learn exactly how to use these reductions and we'll practice them together in sentences and conversation.

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Practice words and sentences used in this lesson:


It’s gonna be busy.

He’s gonna get back to me next week.

I’m gonna try to be done by 6.

We’re gonna leave Friday afternoon.

She’s gonna stop by after work.

We’re gonna go to dinner and a movie.

Are you sure he’s gonna be there?

I’m just gonna walk.

They’re gonna try it and see how they like it.

It’s gonna be really hot.


I really wanna see that movie.

You wanna grab some lunch?

They wanna meet next week.

I don’t wanna intrude…

We wanna move forward with this.

You wanna get a cup of coffee? (cuppa coffee?)

We don’t wanna relocate.

If you wanna try it first, you can.

I think they really don’t wanna go.

I wanna be there.

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