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How to Pronounce the P, T and K Sounds in American English



Do your Ps sound more like Bs and your Ts sound like Ds? Or maybe your Ks resemble Gs??? In this pronunciation lesson, you will discover the key feature that differentiates /p/, /t/ and /k/ from their sister sounds or cognates /b/, /d/ and /g/- aspiration or the "air puff." Be sure to grab the free 100 Common Air Puff Words PDF that goes with this lesson! 

Key Takeaways:

 1) /p/, /t/ and /k/ are all pronounced with a small puff of air at the beginning of words and stressed syllables in American English.

 2) Without the air puff, /p/ sounds like /b/, /t/ sounds like /d/ and /k/ sounds like /g/.


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