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T and D Sounds: American Accent Training for Indian Speakers



Why is the Indian English accent so distinct from the American English accent? In this American English pronunciation video, we talk about one of the reasons why these two accents are distinct. Retroflex consonants. This pronunciation pattern impacts how you pronounce several common sounds including /t/, /d/, /n/ and /l/. Be sure to grab the free 100 Common T and D Words PDF practice list that goes with this lesson! 

Key Takeaways:

1) For many English speakers whose first language is one of the many mother tongues of India, the T and D sounds are articulated with the blade of the tongue pressed against the roof of the mouth.

2) The American T and D sounds are articulated more forward in the mouth, with the tip of the tongue tapping the alveolar ridge.

3) This pronunciation pattern can impact the pronunciation of N and L as well.

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