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American Accent Training: The Flap T Sound

It's time to practice one of the most distinctive consonant sounds in American English- The Flap T. 

For those looking to really refine an American accent, The Flap T is a key and challenging sound.

In this lesson you’ll learn exactly what the Flap T sounds like, when to use the Flap T and how to make the Flap T sound. Then we will practice 25 Super Common Flap T words together in words and sentences.

Bonus: I’ve created a FREE downloadable PDF that includes all 25 words used in this lesson plus 70 more for a total of 95 super common Flap T words so be sure to grab that list for your practice!

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Practice words and sentences used in this lesson:

(but don't forget to grab your downloadable list of 95 SUPER COMMON FLAP T WORDS!)

1) water

May I have a glass of water?

You should drink more water.

2) little

I’m a little overwhelmed.

We need a little more time. 

3) political

She’s not very political.

It’s become extremely political.

4) city

It’s a beautiful city.

The city’s becoming over crowded.

5) later

See you later!

Later this afternoon would work.

6) community

We have a close-knit community.

They’ve built a thriving community.

7) party

That was some party.

The party’s over.

8) better

I’d better get going.

I hope you feel better.

9) beautiful

It’s a beautiful day.

That was beautiful.

10) matter

It doesn’t matter.

What’s the matter?

11) activity

This is not my favorite activity.

There’s a lot of activity around here tonight.

12) data

Let’s take a look at the data.

The data’ s incorrect.

13) computer

My computer crashed.

I’m gonna need a new computer.

14) opportunity

Thank you for this opportunity.

Opportunities like this don’t happen very often.

15) letter

I never got your letter.

There are 26 letters in the English alphabet.

16) daughter

My daughter’s six years old.

He has three daughters.

17) hospital

Which hospital is the best?

He’s been in the hospital for a week.

18) security

It took forever to get through security.

Our security system’s out of date.

19) article

Did you see the article?

I forwarded you that article.

20) quality

He does quality work.

We aim for quality over quantity.

21) meeting

She’s in a meeting.

The meeting has been rescheduled.

22) whatever

Whatever works for you.

Whatever happens, I’m here (for you).

23) ability

He has incredible artistic ability.

I’ve never questioned your ability.

24) pretty

That’s pretty amazing.

It’s such a pretty house.

25) authority

He’s an authority on the subject.

I don’t have the authority to do that.

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