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How to Pronounce TERROR, MIRROR & HORROR


Consider this sentence:

Terror gripped her heart as she peered into the mirror- the horror of the days events apparent in her reflection.

Do you feel an inkling of terror at the thought of speaking this sentence out loud?

This sentence is heavy on the R sounds and these sounds are challenging for...

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How to Pronounce the Letter G


The other day my son comes to me and asks:

"How do you say this, mom?"

And he points to "GIF" on his tablet screen.

"Well, buddy, that's a tricky one," I shared. "There's actually a wide debate!"

So we begin discussing the Letter G and how it's pronounced differently in different words,...

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The Secret to Pronouncing The Letter C


The letter C can be a little tricky.

Sometimes is sounds like /s/ as in "decide" and "cycle."

Other times it sounds like /k/ as in "cut"and "account."

The good news is, there is actually a pattern that is very consistent that helps you to know when the letter C will sound like /s/ and when...

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How to Pronounce the CH /ʧ/ Sound as in CHEESE and CHOCOLATE



**Click here to grab the practice PDF that goes along with this lesson.**

Which shoes should I choose? Maybe we could each purchase a pair and share?

Whew! Those CH and SH sounds can be TRICKY and may sound very much the same to you.

This makes it difficult to...

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How to Pronounce S Cluster Words


An S Cluster?

What the heck is an S Cluster?

As I stood on stage my head began to spin and a strange feeling spread through my stomach. I suddenly struggled to stay upright.

A description of a serious case of stage fright AND a sentence full of S-Cluster words.

An S Cluster word is a word...

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How to Pronounce L and R Together: L and R Blends


Cake and ice cream.

Peanut butter and jelly.

Warm sunny evenings on a patio and margaritas!

Some things just go together so easily, so naturally!

L and R blends? Not so much...

A blend occurs when two or more consonant sounds come together at the beginning of a word. So words...

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Pronouncing English Words: When TU sounds like CH


In this lesson I’m gonna let you in on a little secret that will hopefully make several common words easier to pronounce.

Here it is: sometimes the letters T and U together actually sound like CH or the “ch” sound as in "cheese" and "chocolate."

This is not always the case, so...

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How to say the Soft G sound as in MANAGER and JOB


In this lesson, we’re talking about the DJ /ʤ/ sound, most commonly spelled with a G as in MANAGER or a J as in JOB. You'll learn exactly how this sound is made, common mistakes in pronouncing this sound, and how to fix them.

Practice words and sentences used in this lesson:


just did...

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Clarifying English Consonants


Let’s talk about English consonants.

Typically if a consonant sound is hard for you to pronounce, it’s because doesn’t exist in your native language so your mouth muscles aren't familiar with how to make the sound.

There are actually 3 specific characteristics that differentiate...

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How to Pronounce the TH sound after S and Z

"How’s the..."

"What’s that..."

"Is this..."

"With someone..."

"Earth’s atmosphere..."

The transition from the /s/ or /z/ to the TH sound can be tricky and a lot of you have written and asked for help with these combinations.

In this lesson I’ll share the 3 key things...

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